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4 Reasons to Consider E2 Lighting for Your LED Lighting Needs

Over the years, the demand for various green lighting sources has increased tremendously. LED lighting has emerged as one of the most popular green lighting sources. Advances in technologies have made these lighting solutions accessible to everyone. These lights are compact sized, affordable, and cool, ensure longtime service of 50,000 hours, and offer huge energy saving. Unlike traditional lighting sources that depend on chemicals for operation, these lighting sources feature eco-friendly materials such as Phosphor. All these characteristics help users to minimize their carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits of an efficient and green lighting system. Owing to their aforementioned beneficial features, these LED lights are fast replacing fluorescent and incandescent lights in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. With such an important role to play, it becomes essential for business enterprises to source these lighting solutions from reliable manufacturers or suppliers such as E2 Lighting. You may ask how the company is different from its competitors. E2 lighting provides the “most comprehensive technical sales support to energy consultant in technical support and photometric analysis for each their lighting project.  Read the post to know more.

4 Reasons Why E2 Lighting USA has become a Preferred LED Lighting Solutions Partner

There are several points that have helped E2 Lighting USA become one of the leading lighting solution providers in the US. Among them, these five points have been their strengths which have helped the company build a distinct identity in the market.

  1. A Comprehensive Range of Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions: E2 Lighting serves its clients by providing a vast range of LED lighting solutions at one place. This helps them save efforts, time, and money involved when dealing with multiple vendors at a time. The company stocks a vast range of the following lighting solutions:
  • Indoor Lighting: As the name suggests, these lighting solutions are designed for indoor spaces such as staircases, hallways, nurseries, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices. Some of the main products offered by the company under this category include Magnetic Troffer retrofit kit, Tunable troffer, Tunable Retrofit kit, Linear High Bay w/ Integrated Motion Sensor and EBBU, Wall Pack w/ Integrated Motion sensor and EBBU, DLC Rated T8 w/ emergency battery backups.
  • Outdoor Lighting: E2 Lighting provides LED lighting solutions designed for driveways, gym, roadway, parking lots, industrial warehouse, factory, ocean sea port, oil fields, explosive proof environment, and stadium. Some of the popular products in its inventory include flood lights, garden lights, high bay lights, shoe box parking lights, street lights, Industrial grade flood, UFO high bay lights. Also, the company allows clients to select from a variety of accessories such as retrofit kits, wall packs, and vapor proof fixtures.
  1. Adherence to Industry Standards: E2 Lighting has always worked with a goal of delivering only high-quality lighting solutions at affordable prices. The adherence to following industry standards is an extension of the company’s commitment towards quality and eco-friendly practices.
  • Energy Star Certified Lighting Solutions: These solutions increase energy efficiency, and help users reduce their energy bills, as well as minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Buying Energy Star certified LED lighting solutions will help users utilize energy efficiently andJoin the fight against climate change.
  • UL and ETL Listed: It means the LED and lighting fixtures provided by the company has received safety approval from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a leading organization in safety testing and certification. This listing makes E2Lighting USA’s lighting fixtures and LED solutions perfect for businesses, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, malls, offices, and more.
  • DLC Premium Qualified LED Lighting: The Design Lights Consortium (DLC) is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of high-quality, and energy-efficient lighting solutions in collaboration with manufacturers, energy efficiency and utility program members, lighting designers, and so on. DLC qualified LED lighting products provided by E2Lighting comprise commercial LED luminaires, linear replacement lamps, and retrofit kits. Investing in DLC qualified products helps DLC members earn energy efficiency incentives and rebates.
  1. Retrofit Solutions: The Company provides a wide range of lighting retrofit solutions that has helped our clients upgrade their existing indoor and outdoor fixtures in the most efficient manner in cost, installation and light output requirement. These solutions ensure excellent space efficiencies as well as allow users to ultimately reduce their energy expenditures.
  2. World-Class Customer Service: With a vast experience in energy-efficient lighting solutions, the team at E2 Lighting helps clients find the best lighting solutions and fixtures for their unique spaces and budgets.

E2Lighting has delivered energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to its clients across various industries, since the inception. The company provides unique and innovative lighting solutions that have helped it capture the attention of green-loving businesses in the US.

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