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How Smart Lighting via Bluetooth Helps Achieve Energy Efficiency?

As the concept of smart homes and smart workplaces has emerged in the last few years, the popularity of automated, remote connectivity is increasing. The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought this tremendous change to the modern lifestyle. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth being irreplaceable parts of IoT, and they certainly contribute to the concept of smart lifestyle. Smart lighting is a part of smart living, therefore, this post introduces the interconnection of Bluetooth mesh and smart lighting, along with its significance.

What is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is a term for any lighting system that is designed for greater energy efficiency. This system is implemented to reduce energy consumption and enhance lighting efficiency. A study by the US Green Building Council states that lighting consumes 17% of the total energy. Another study by the US Department of Energy states that buildings consume 40% of the total energy produced in the country. This adds to a huge $100 billion operating costs annually. Thus, building managers have started reducing these energy costs by adopting LED lighting and smart lighting controls. According to Gartner, smart lighting will bring savings as high as 90%.

The smart lighting system enables smart light management according to occupancy, sunlight, and other factors. These systems are connected to smart controls such as occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and so on and remote access connections. They enable users to remotely manage their light functions such as switch on, switch off, dimming and temperature control, that too remotely. It functions on the remote access connections and sensor integrated assembly. This helps in preventing unnecessary energy consumption. It also reduces the carbon footprint. Therefore, smart lighting is considered as an ecosystem.

Over the years, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth meshes have emerged as two popular choices for making remote access connections.  Although both these mediums are in use, let us discuss what Bluetooth meshing is.

What is Bluetooth Meshing?

Bluetooth mesh is a wireless device-to-device interconnection media that connects multiple devices under a single connective loop. Bluetooth mesh is an Internet of Things (IoT) standard, which is used in multiple smart technologies. Electronic sensors, remote communication, time gradient technologies, smart lighting and to be precise smart lifestyle are effective applications of this Bluetooth mesh.

It generates a broadband network that allows multiple devices to communicate simultaneously, under the same frequency.

Interconnection of Bluetooth Mesh and Smart Lighting: Inching towards Energy Efficiency

As discussed earlier, the Bluetooth mesh is a standard that allows different devices to communicate simultaneously. This means the operator has to give command to one device and the command will be passed on to all the devices including sensors, switches, HVAC, shades and light fixtures in the Bluetooth chain. The smart lighting systems are connected via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This is obtained by interconnecting the sensors in the lighting systems such as daylight sensor, occupancy sensor, circuit break down sensor, etc. All these types of sensors are interconnected under the umbrella of one or another BLE based server. The servers provided by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are listed as follows:

  • Light Lightness Setup/server: This server gives access to a remotely dimmable light system.
  • Light CTL Server: This server gives access to a light temperature or corresponding color temperature. This tunes the white light radiation through the light sources.
  • Light HSL Server: This server represents a light source in terms of color saturation, daylight radiation, and light color emission.
  • Lightness Control Server: This is an all-in-one Bluetooth server in the smart lighting system. This gives remote access to device control. Auto-on, auto-off, daylight harvesting, dimming are the function performed over this server.

The light intensity, color saturation, on-off time, daylight usage, are all the features used in smart lighting via Bluetooth Mesh. It certainly reduces energy consumption. Reduced energy consumption results in less carbon footprint and economic benefits as well. Therefore, Bluetooth Mesh and Smart Lighting are together inching us towards Energy Efficient lifestyle and the secured planet.

Are you impressed by this concept of collaborating IoT with an energy-efficient utility system? Well, then you must implement the Smart lighting system via Bluetooth Mesh to your household and workplace. If you are intended to set up a smart lighting system, you must get it done from the experts. Also, you must source your LED lights from trusted brands like E2 Lighting USA. The company offers versatile and efficient lighting solutions which makes them one of the best lighting companies in the United States.

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