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Reasons Why LEDs Are Extremely Important for Food Processing Facilities

Appropriate lighting is one of the important requisites in all commercial, residential, and industrial facilities. This is because it enables clear illumination that is comfortable for both eyes and mind. Working in a well-illuminated space can increase your productivity and ensure smooth operations. Unlike other facilities, lighting-up food processing plants can be a bit challenging. This is because food processing plants are required to follow stringent standards to keep their produce safe and contamination-free. Therefore, LEDs are the ideal solution to challenging and complex working conditions in food processing units. Would you like to know why? Here are few key points that highlight the importance of LED lighting in food processing facilities. Read the post till the end.

5 Benefits LED Lighting Offers Food Facilities

As compared to traditional lighting, LEDs are one of the smartest power-saving solutions available today. The following are some important benefits of LED lighting in food processing facilities.

  1. Energy Efficiency: One important reason LEDs are so popular is because they offer significant energy savings than traditional lightings. They use about 50% less electricity, which results in cost savings, especially for the facilities like food and beverage that are switched on for extended periods, many times 24/7. Unlike other lighting solutions, they are directional light sources. This means they can produce or emit light in a specific direction. This reduces wastage of light and energy. Food processing plants can switch to LED lighting solutions also because there are rebates and incentives offered by many utility companies and government programs.
  2. Ensure Workplace Safety: Food processing facilities comprise machinery and equipment such as cutters, grinders, and many more. Such type of machinery may be prone to injuries or accidents if placed in poorly lit areas. As the safety of employees and their health is extremely important, companies can opt for efficient indoor lighting solutions to illuminate the space uniformly. In such scenarios, LEDs are the safest interior lighting solution for all kinds of commercial spaces.
  3. Minimal Downtime and Reduce Labor Costs: While compliance and energy efficiency are important motivators, the real value of LED lighting solution comes from their minimal ownership costs. Many businesses don’t get a return on investment on their lighting, this is not the case with the LED lighting solutions. They pay for themselves in less than two years. While the upfront cost of these lighting systems is a bit higher than traditional fluorescent lamps, but the cost of ownership in long term is considerably lower. This is because LEDs last several times longer than other lighting solutions, meaning they need to be replaced less often.
  4. Ensure Smooth Functionality: Indoor lighting in food processing unit should withstand the demanding cleaning protocol and extreme temperatures. They need a lighting solution that has high durability and notable service life. Therefore, LEDs are the perfect option here. LEDs are IP rated and emit a minimal amount of heat.
  5. Provide Excellent Color Rendition: Appropriate color rendering is important for assuring product quality in the food and beverage industry. It is equally important for compliance as it is the first thing examined by food safety inspectors. To comply with the stringent standards set by regulatory agencies, many food processing facilities are making the switch to LED lightings. They not only provide high-quality light but render colors as well. Color rendering index or CRI measures how precisely the lighting renders colors to the perfect light source.
  6. Increased Shelf Life of Foods: Food processing units require appliances that are hot as well as cold, such as ovens, refrigerators, cold storage, and so on. All of these are fitted with LED lights that are resistant to extreme temperatures. Also, because LEDs do not release excess heat, they keep the freshness of the food intact, especially in refrigerators.

Beyond this, the market for LED lighting is continuously growing. With the increased demand, LED lights continue to improve, and new features are added every time. Would you like to replace your existing lightings with LED? If yes, then you must source them from an industry-leading supplier like E2 Lighting USA. With vast years of experience and highly skilled expertise, the company offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions.

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