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Why Should You Replace Fluorescent Light Fixtures with LED T8 Tubes?

Fluorescent light fixtures are being replaced by the Light Emitting Diode (LED) light fixtures owing to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and economic benefits. Over the years, various types of LED solutions have gained popularity in industrial applications. When it comes to seamless operation and energy efficiency, emergency battery backup T8 tubes are one of the prominent LED solutions adopted across industries. These T8 LED tubes are more energy-efficient than traditional Linear Fluorescent Lights (LFLs). Although their energy efficiency is one of the major reasons for adopting emergency battery backup T8 tubes, there are several other reasons as to how and why they score over regular LFLS. This post offers different reasons as to why you should consider LED T8 tubes over fluorescent light fixtures.

Emergency Battery Backup T8 Tubes

LED T8 Tubes are energy-efficient LED tubes. They are also known as EEBU LED tubes, which consume 30% – 40% less energy as compared to Linear Fluorescent Lights (LFLs). They offer 60% of brightness even if the direct power supply is not available. These light sources come with instant battery backup that ensures a seamless supply of power to these LED light fixtures.

Benefits of Emergency Battery Backup T8 Tubes over Linear Fluorescent Lights (LFLs)

Owing to the following benefits of LED T8 Tubes, the LFLs should be replaced with LED T8 tubes.

  1. Energy-Efficiency: Certainly, energy efficiency is the most important benefit of LED T8 Tubes. These tubes are 30% more energy-efficient as compared to LFTs. At low power consumption, these LED tubes can offer the illumination of variable color temperature.
  2. Mercury-Free: The LED T8 tubes are mercury-free which makes them environment-friendly and reduces recycling costs.
  3. Dimmable: LED T8 tubes are conveniently dimmable. Unlike, fluorescent bulbs, the T8 tubes are inexpensive as dimmable light fixtures.
  4. Directional Lighting: LEDs are effective directional light sources. LED fixtures like T8 tubes illuminate the areas where illumination is desired. On the other hand, fluorescent light sources are multidirectional.
  5. Convenient Control: Emergency Battery Backup T8 Tubes are easy to control for illumination, directional lighting, etc. Unlike fluorescent lights, these LED T8 fixtures require no occupancy sensors.
  6. Life-Cycle: Average life-cycle of LED T8 tubes is up to 50000 hours whereas fluorescent T8 tubes only last for 30000 hours. The lifespan of LED Tubes can be enhanced using the emergency battery backup.

Considering all these benefits of Emergency Battery Backup T8 Tubes over LFLs, replacing fluorescent lighting with LED T8 tubes is certainly a beneficial choice. However, the quality of these tubes can impact the performance. That is why you should source these LED T8 tubes from reliable manufacturers like E2 Lighting USA. The company offers high-quality LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. The company also offers LED lighting rebates on choosing LED solutions over other lighting solutions.

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