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Know About LED Magnetic Light Strips

The use of LED lights in our day to day lives has grown over the years. LED lights come with several types of fittings, fixtures, and features. A magnetic LED strip is a simple and convenient strip of LED lights which is magnetically attached to a linear fixture, and is widely used for ceilings. These fluorescent retrofit kits are cost effective and easily available in various wattages. It is a known fact that LEDs are energy efficient, eco-friendly, soothing for the eyes, and long lasting. These 4ft magnetic LED strips are a great alternative to u-shaped lights and tube lights. This post discusses the benefits of installing these 4ft magnetic LED strips.

Benefits of Using 4Ft Magnetic LED Strips

When it comes to office spaces and commercial buildings, fluorescent troffers fitted inside a ceiling board have been widely used since years. These are the old incandescent lamps which heat up fast and consume a lot of power. There are LED troffers which are energy efficient and can be easily installed for some obvious benefits. Here are some of them:

  • They can be easily installed or attached on the existing fixtures with the help of a magnetic strip and drivers.
  • Aside from being energy efficient, they are cost effective in the long run and help save power consumption by almost 80%.
  • They have a bright white light yet a cooling effect as they do not heat up fast. The brightness can be up to 150 lumens with minimal energy usage.
  • The white light is soothing for your eyes, especially in offices where you need to read, write, or be in front of the computer screen.
  • Aside from brightness, they have a huge color rending index.
  • These LEDs have a long operational life with a minimum of 50,000 hours, which can go up to 150000 hours of functioning, depending upon the brand, wattage, and other factors.
  • Aside from office floors and large spaces, they are also suitable in washrooms, staircases, and storage units.
  • These lights have adjustable wattage drivers, and hence their luminosity can be controlled through a remote or smartphone. They can be made bright or dimmed as required.
  • They are safe and environmentally friendly as they do not contain mercury or any other toxic compounds.
  • The dimming feature helps reduce power consumption when not required.
  • In these lights, you have a wide range of correlated color temperature options.
  • The LED magnetic strip offers a light output of up to 10.560 lumens.

If you require 4ft magnetic LED strips for your office, home, or at an organizational level, ensure you source them from a UL-listed manufacturer and supplier. Check the energy star ratings of the lights you choose, and also check for RoHS compliance, DLC listing, and ETL recognition. E2 Lighting USA is a renowned manufacturer of superior-quality and environmentally-friendly LED lights for indoor and outdoor applications. The company offers magnetic LED retrofit strips in various wattages and comply with the RoHS norms.

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