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A Discussion on LED Flood Light Buying Guide

The demand for reliable, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly lighting solutions has increased significantly in recent years. Amongst a variety of LED lighting products in use today, flood lights have gained immense traction. Flood lights are distinguished by their bright white light and are commonly used to illuminate large outdoor spaces. Nowadays, premium flood lights are available that help reduces the overall energy consumption and assure better quality in terms of illumination. In addition to this, their beneficial features, such as durability, longer lifespan, and cost-effectiveness make them an ideal replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps in many applications. These flood lights can be used to illuminate areas such as stadiums, theaters, distribution centers, warehouses, and much more. Flood lights are available in different types, and choosing the right one that meets your application need can be overwhelming. This post insight into flood light selection guide in detail. So, stay tuned.

Factors of Consideration When Choosing Premium Flood Lighting Systems for Your Premises

The following are some important factors that should be considered while choosing premium flood lighting systems for your facility. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Purpose: The first and foremost important question one should ask themselves before buying a flood light is what the purpose of these LED lights is? LED flood lights are used for varied purposes. Some use these lights to illuminate their large workplaces, such as garages, distribution centers, etc. They can be used to illuminate the outer areas and surroundings of the facility. You can opt for premium quality flood lights depending upon your application need.
  2. Location of Work: Another important consideration is the location where the lightings will be installed. Be it indoor, outdoor, or both. In many cases, especially outdoor applications, environmental parameters such as rain, moisture, and heat should be a key consideration. Aside from this, you also need to determine the location of the flood light. Premium flood lights should be placed in such a way that they illuminate the targeted area properly.
  3. Color Rendering Index (CRI): This term indicates the quality of color emitted by the bulb. It shows the accuracy of colors depicted by various bulbs. Generally, the bulbs are differentiated in the CRI rating of 1 to 100. The rating 100 indicates that the bulb can produce a broad spectrum of colors. The LED bulbs possess a CRI of 70 to 90. Check the CRI number of the light making a decision. The higher the number clearer the objects would be.
  4. The brightness of Light: The output of the light is another important factor for consideration. Light output or brightness of the light is measured in lumens. The more lumens, the brighter the light will be. Thus, one should know how many areas you will need to light up. But, high lumen lights are the best solution. Outdoor flood lights use 2835SMD or 3030SMD LED components to achieve illumination of great intensity.
  5. Types of Finishes: One can’t overlook the aesthetic features of flood lights you’re purchasing. When it comes to finishing, there are a variety of options to choose from, such as stainless steel, copper, colored lacquer with aluminum on the top, and so on.
  6. Motion Sensors: The flood lights fitted with motion sensors assure safety and energy savings. The sensors can detect human movement and can remain active for up to 10 minutes or more and will shut off automatically if no movement is detected. This also helps in energy savings if anyone forgets to turn off the light.

A premium flood light brings several advantages to your indoor and outdoor areas. These lighting solutions are best suited to brighten up large areas, which is nearly impossible using traditional bulbs. Are you intrigued to install premium flood lights for your applications? If that sounds yes, then you must consult an industry player. E2 Lighting USA is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of high-quality indoor and outdoor premium flood lights. The company offers a wide range of performance-driven LED lighting solutions that help enhance the safety as well as security of your spaces. The company also offers RoHS compliant and UL, ETL classified products at the most attractive prices.

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