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Which are the Must-Have Products to Source from an Outdoor Retrofit Kit Distributor?

A proper lighting is a necessity in our daily lives and it determines the safety and productivity of people. Over the years, several types of lighting sources have been used like incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and high-intensity discharge lamps, among others. However, none were as incredible and innovative as the Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LEDs, the fourth and latest generation of light sources, have been dominating the lighting industry owing to their high efficiency, long life, compactness, and lightweight. LEDs have made strong strides in several new fields of applications with their zero-mercury content, and slight IR and UV emissions. Overall, in a short time, LEDs have made an inevitable place in the marketplace, and are evolving continuously to serve the customers better than ever. So, what are the popular commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions that are hot right now? This post aims to provide you an insight on the same.

Get to Know about the 5 Popular LED Lighting Solutions

The rising demand for energy-efficient lights for homes, offices, industrial areas, and outdoors, has created numerous growth opportunities for LED smart lighting solutions. The following are a few of the several solutions that are suitable for multiple areas of applications.

  1. LED Retrofit Kit: Updating the existing lighting fixtures is imperative to go along with the modern lighting trends, and this is possible now with LED retrofit kit, Available in various shapes, different lumens/wattage, dimming options, and color temperatures, these retrofits help you sustainably upgrade your existing lighting infrastructure cost-effectively. There are several prominent outdoor retrofit kit distributors in the marketplace who offer the most suitable retrofitting solutions for interior and exterior spaces.
  2. LED Vapor-Proof Fixtures: Suitable for a wide range of wet, humid, and dusty lighting applications, these LED lighting solutions work the best in doorways, scaffolding, construction sites, fire hydrants and emergency call stations. This is a long-lasting lighting solution that comes with a durable housing to resist warping, fading, and corrosion.
  3. Full Cutoff Wall Pack Light: These are energy-efficient solutions that are designed to guarantee an added layer of security for property owners. Available in several color temperatures, different light distribution patterns, and beam spreads, these lights work best to illuminate driveways, building exteriors, streets, walkways, and more. This modern outdoor wall lighting is available in a sealed die-cast profile, adding to its popularity for applications in environmental conditions involving humid and extreme climates. Talk to an expert outdoor retrofit kit distributor, and know the best models that are in trend now.
  4. High Bay Lights: If your requirement calls for energy-efficient lighting solutions to illuminate taller ceilings and larger areas, then high bay lights are the right solution. Designed to enhance visibility and focus than traditional incandescent fixtures, high bay LED lights are guaranteed to improve the productivity of workers and reduce the rate of errors. They offer extremely long life, and hence can be used at manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, warehouses, large department stores, and factories.
  5. LED Troffer Lights: A troffer is a rectangular or square light fixture that meets the requirement for powerful lighting to a large area. These glare-free, uniform lighting solutions feature sleek, flat-panel designs to fit seamlessly into offices, schools, retail, and hospitals. These lights are built with high-efficiency drives, contributing to keep the energy cost minimal.

Despite the aforementioned LED lights, panel lights, EBBU tubes, and recessed tunable downlight lights are also available to change the way you experience light.

Smart Lighting and Wireless Features of LED Lights

The global LED lighting market is undergoing a massive transformation, and LED has become a mainstay in commercial spaces, residential and industrial spaces. The need of the hour to improve energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience led to the launch of smart LED lights, which provides full control of the lighting of your space. By simply tapping on your smartphone or tablet, these smart LED lights make it easy to dim, tune and change the color of light. There are several types of smart lights available than can be controlled through bluetooth, Wi-Fi, smart hubs or smart speakers. By incorporating such efficient smart LED lighting trends, you can light up your space just the way you like it to get that vibe matching your mood and surroundings.

If you would like to know more about LED lighting solutions that are in trend right now, then connect with firms like E2 Lighting USA, which offers LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Being a prominent outdoor retrofit kit distributor, the firm offers the finest range of products that are UL and ETL Classified/Recognized, RoHS Compliant, and DLC Premium Listed.

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