5 LED Lighting Trends You Must Follow in 2020

5 LED Lighting Trends You Must Follow in 2020

The year 2020 marks the beginning of the new decade. It also marks the beginning of new trends and technologies across industries. The lighting industry is one such industry where the demand for energy-efficient lighting is increasing. Although various lighting trends have emerged over the years, the LED trend is here to stay; perhaps it is set to evolve for the better. LEDs are used in homes, offices, industrial areas, and outdoors for illumination and safety purposes. If you are aiming for turnkey or retrofit LED installations in 2020, you need to know the key LED lighting trends for the year. This post introduces you to key trends and the future of LED lighting.

5 Key LED Lighting Trends for 2020

As LED lighting continues to grow in popularity, they have increasingly become better in terms of quality, fixture designs, luminosity, and affordable pricing. Is that all? No. Here are the top 5 trends that are already gaining popularity.

  1. A Demand for Better Light Quality: Over the years, many studies have been conducted across the globe to study the positive effect of lighting on productivity. Co-working spaces, traditional workplaces, private offices, and industrial working places all understand the importance of proper lighting.
  2. Retro Light Styles Gaining Popularity: Incandescent lights or traditional heat-producing industrial lights have been replaced with LED lights for several years now. There is an increasing demand for LED lights that look like these retro-themed incandescent lights or traditional industrial lights. They are available in various styles, with metal or non-metal construction, and different designs.
  3. Smart LED Lighting Solutions: AI-powered home solutions are already in vogue. However, lighting solutions powered by AI-solutions are slowly gaining popularity. Unlike regular lighting solutions, AI-powered lighting solutions enable users to control lighting in the room using their mobile or other connected devices. Many smart LED solutions are already connected to AI solutions like Google Assistant, HomeKit and Alexa. In future, LED lights will be integrated with other home appliances for better control.
  4. Dark Sky Compliant Wall Lights for Reducing Light Pollution: Light pollution has been one of the important concerns for light designers around the world. Although the effects of light pollution may not be as severe as other forms of pollution, it may have certain effect on birds and telescope watchers. For instance, light pollution is known to misguide migratory birds to take a wrong direction. Dark sky compliance is an initiative promoted by the International Dark Sky Association. This campaign focuses on reducing light pollution caused by traditional LED bulbs. The traditional LED bulbs are known to cause glare, which may have a harmful effect on eyes. The DesignLights Consortium, which is popularly referred to as DLC, is promoting DLC Premium Wall Lights. A DLC premium wall light with 4.4 certification is dark light compliant. So, when buying LED fixtures for your organization, ensure to invest in DLC premium rated fixtures.
  5. Dimmable LED Lights Continue to Be in Popularity: Illumination is one of the important aspects of any lighting solution. What if a lighting solution could adjust the illumination to the mood of the person in the room? This is what a dimmable LED light can do. Nowadays, LED lights are provided with various dimmers, which can change illumination to suit ambiance such as chilly or warm. Along with illumination, these dimmers also help adjust the light temperature.

As said before, LED lighting is here to stay, owing to several benefits offered by them. The above-mentioned are only of the LED lighting trends for 2020. So, if you are considering LEDs for your facility, home, or office, ensure to source them from a reliable supplier or manufacturer. E2Lighting USA is one of the leading providers of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions in the US. The company provides various DLC premium listed products. It provides excellent quantity discounts and free shipping on most products.