Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting

Lighting is one of the important requirements in any commercial establishment. The right lighting not only helps elevate the interior and exterior of the office but also spruces up the mood of workers and customers who visit the office. Depending on the business type, every commercial space has different lighting requirements. LED lighting has become one of the popular lighting options for businesses owing to energy savings and retrofitting. These light solutions assure lasting performance and offer the best value for investment. They provide more lumens per watt than other traditional lighting solutions. E2Lighting USA provides a wide range of commercial LED lighting solutions for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs.

ypes of Commercial Office LED Lighting Solutions Offered by E2Lighting USA

We provide indoor and outdoor LED fixtures for various commercial applications. The following are the most common and fast-moving products in our inventory.

UFO High Bay Lights

These lights are valued for uniform and clear lighting that they assure in large areas. At E2Lighting USA, we provide these lights in various wattages, net weights, and efficacies to meet your application requirements.

Panel Lights

They are fast replacing traditional tube lights in many applications. These high bay lights are available in various dimming as well as non-dimming options for your consideration. E2Lighting USA’s panel lights are manufactured by combining LEDs with light-smoothening optics. These lights are available in a variety of color temperatures, and they assure evenly distributed light.

LED Strip Linear Fixtures

These lighting solutions are lightweight, easy to install, and assure uniform light distribution. They are provided with an aluminum extrusion lighting fixture.

LED Floodlights

Mainly used for outdoor lighting purposes, these lights can assure efficient illumination of your public spaces, parking lots, and sports arena, and so on. Our LED floodlights are fitted with a unique fin-type heat sinker, which enables efficient heat dissipation. These lights have a longer lifespan than regular LED lights because they perform in cooler environments.

LED Shoebox Parking Fixtures

These lighting solutions are designed to illuminate large and small parking lots. E2Lighting provides LED shoebox parking lights that are perfect for illuminating any type of roadways in any weather. These lights are provided with adjustable installation angles.

LED Tri-proof Fixtures

These LED fixtures are fitted with vapor-proof fixtures, and assure efficient illumination in various outdoor areas. They can easily withstand harsh working environments. We provide 4-foot vapor proof fixtures.

LED Full Cutoff and Non-Cutoff Wall Packs

These wall packs are eco-friendly alternatives to sodium vapor lights and incandescent lights. They produce no humming sound and are easy to install. We provide integrated motion sensor wall packs, too.

How to Get LED Lighting Rebates for the Commercial LED Lighting Solutions Many of our indoor and outdoor commercial LED lighting solutions are recognized by several utility programs in the US. To know more about the eligibility of your chosen product or anything more on commercial office LED lighting solutions, please click here.

Applications of Commercial LED Lighting Solution

At E2Lighting USA, we regularly provide lighting solutions for the following commercial applications and more:

  • Sports Arenas
  • Industrial Yards
  • Warehouses and garages
  • Parking Lots and Roadways
  • Grounds
  • Parks and Plazas
  • Recreational Sports
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Gymnasiums
  • Warehouses
  • Gas Stations
  • Exhibition Malls
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Automotive repair facilities
  • Food processing facilities such as ice cream shops, bakeries, freezers, and so on

E2 warrants that its commercial office LED lighting solutions will be free from any form of manufacturing defects for the period of five (5) years from the date of delivery to the end user. This warranty covers defects arising due to materials and workmanship, including light output, color stability, fixture finish, and driver performance. To know more about the warranty terms, please see

Certifications and Standards

All our commercial LED lighting solutions to meet the following certifications and standards:

  • UL and ETL
  • Classified/Recognized
  • Energy Star Certified
  • California’s Title 24
  • Certified
  • RoHS Compliant
  • DLC Premium Listed