Eleven Reasons to Opt for LED Lighting in School Gymnasiums

Eleven Reasons to Opt for LED Lighting in School Gymnasiums

Lighting up a school gym properly is imperative not only to create a friendly environment but also to ensure a proper illumination for the kids to enjoy indoor fitness activities. Old, flickering fluorescent tubes and heat-shedding incandescent bulbs are largely getting replaced with energy-efficient lighting solutions. Here comes the relevance of LED lighting! Varied types of LED lighting benefits for gymnasiums of all sizes by providing the right kind of light at the right time of day. The constant evolution of LED lighting technology results in lower costs and optimum light quality, making it a perfect atmosphere to exercise in. What are the other notable benefits the LED lighting can provide to the school gymnasium? The post lists the same in brief.

Top Benefits of Using LED Lighting in School Gyms

Unlike the other facilities in the school, gymnasiums have unique lighting needs that appeal to those who use the space. With LED gym lights, the school authorities can create an even illumination, eliminating hot spots. The other advantages of replacing traditional lighting with advanced LED technology include:

  1. Unlike traditionally 400 W metal halide high bay lighting, which was commonly used at gyms, today’s LED technology cuts energy usage by 80%. With this saved money on energy consumption, the school authorities can spend on equipment, programs, and tools that meet kids’ fitness needs.
  2. By retrofitting the old gym light fixtures to LED, users can enjoy a visually comfortable environment to perform low and medium to high-intensity workouts.
  3. Traditional gym lights are dim as they age and burn out, calling for immediate replacement. Considering the high ceiling at the gym, this frequent replacement causes headache to the management, whilst also increasing the maintenance costs. On the other hand, LED lighting lasts longer and won’t dim, providing years of trouble-free performance.
  4. LED lighting optimizes visibility, allowing children to use the equipment and tools wisely and involve in fitness activities safely even at nights.
  5. Designed for maximum heat evacuation, LED lighting generates less heat, unlike traditional lighting technologies.
  6. Traditional HID lamps and other conventional light sources are associated with warm-up and restrike times after a power failure. This is not the case with today’s gym LED lighting.
  7. The LED lighting is environmentally friendly, as it is free of mercury and does not contain toxic components inside the lamp body. They can also be recycled, adding to environmental sustainability.
  8. Installing LED light fixtures is a wise decision as they do not emit UV emissions and other contaminants. Hence, prolonged exposure to lighting does not cause premature aging and skin cancer.
  9. Compared to metal halide, halogen or HPS, LED lighting solutions are light in weight, making the installation easy and trouble-free.
  10. Unlike traditional lighting, LED lighting doesn’t cause headaches, eyestrain, and fatigue.
  11. LED’s are also called Solid State Lighting (SSL) and are more rugged and durable than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

It is a simple decision to turn from traditional lighting to LED lighting, which is the newest and most exciting technological evolution in the lighting industry. They are available in stylish models that help enhance the aesthetics of the school gymnasiums and other fitness areas. With high-quality illumination, long life and endurance, they are a worthwhile investment to your facility. Looking out to buy gymnasium LED lighting or other types of lighting systems for your fitness space? Then, get the right model from E2 Lighting USA. Regardless of your facility’s lighting needs, the experienced team at E2 Lighting USA suggests you the best lighting solutions for your gym lighting projects.