LED High Bay vs LED Low Bay Fixtures – What Do You Prefer?

LED High Bay vs LED Low Bay Fixtures – What Do You Prefer?

Over the years, LED lightings have gained immense popularity as they have proved to be the most durable and efficient lighting solutions. They may be either high bay or low bay fixtures depending upon their type and capacity. These LED lighting fixtures are designed to illuminate high mount as well as low mount applications such as warehouses, gyms, food processing units, and assembly areas. Both the lighting fixtures are commonly used for indoor purposes as they emit a bluish bright white light which is pleasant to eyes compared to the high-intensity discharge (HID) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting. Upgrading traditional lighting with these LED fixtures is a simple and effective way to reduce overall energy consumption. However, there are many varieties of LED lights designed for specific applications such as indoor, outdoor, high ceiling, low ceiling, focus lighting, flood lighting, and so on. So choosing the right type of LED lights can be overwhelming. This post discusses when you should use high bay or low bay LED fixtures. So, stay tuned.

What is LED High Bay Lighting?

Before differentiating both the terms, let’s define these LED lighting fixtures. High bays are for tall ceiling spaces. They are designed to be used in high areas to provide well-distributed and consistent light for spacious, open areas. A particular consideration for use this LED fixture is if it can illuminate the floor as well as the vertical surfaces. In large areas like warehouses, vertical lighting is important as products are required to be picked from an appropriate shelf.

What is LED Low Bay Lighting?

As its name implies, low bay lightings are best suited to lower mounting heights. Lens angles further used to spread the lighting in specific spaces. Low bay lighting is most commonly used in most retail businesses, public buildings, and homes. It may also be used in certain hard to access or cramped up areas in warehouses, which may otherwise remain dark.

What Differentiates LED High Bay Lighting from Low Bay Lighting?

The following differences between the two LED fixtures will help you better understand their benefits in different applications.

  • When considering high bays vs low bays, the installation height of the LED lighting fixtures is the main application difference. As discussed earlier, high bays are designed to light up the floor as well as work area from mounting height greater than 20 feet high, whereas low bays are usually designed for use in a ceiling under 20 feet in height from the floor.
  • For technical considerations, lumen output is another important thing. High bays feature a high lumen output to compensate for the higher distance compared to low bay light fixtures, thus producing 40,000 to 60, 000 lumens, where LEDs used in low bay areas are usually in the 10,000-20,000 lumen range.
  • The concentration of light is one of the major differences. Most high bays LED lighting uses reflectors to ensure a uniform spread of light in the downward direction in a specific way for visibility in the space from higher distances. The low bay light fixtures contain optical refractors which cover the lamp, thus reducing glare.
  • Additionally, low bay light fixtures are mounted up to 25 inches if high vertical illumination is required. Their widespread distribution improves the vertical illumination. Fluorescent fixtures are a perfect option for low bays as they have a uniform low lumen package than HID.

How would you determine what is the best fixture for your applications? Many people worry about the negative impact of using the wrong lighting fixture in their space. While the results won’t be a disaster, it will impact the overall illumination effect in the space. If you’re still confused and won’t make any decision, then it is important to consult an industry-leading LED lighting manufacturer to assist you in making the right choice for your space. E2 Lighting USA is a trusted, reliable manufacturer and distributor of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions. The company offers a wide range of high bay and low bay LED lighting at affordable prices.