Magnetic LED Strip Lights – Most Commonly Asked Questions

Magnetic LED Strip Lights – Most Commonly Asked Questions

Are you looking for a modern style of lighting in your surroundings? Then you can easily go with LED strip lights. LED strip lighting is a versatile, stylish, and cost-effective solution for many indoor as well as outdoor applications. Equipped with strong magnetic backing, this linear strip kit makes a great replacement for varieties of industrial strips. These energy-efficient kits are available in a wide range of vibrant colors. Would you like to more about them? This post answers some important questions about magnetic LED strip lighting.

8 Frequently Asked Questions About LED Strip Lighting

Read the following questions and answers to find out what, where, and why to use magnetic LED strips:

Que 1. – What are magnetic LED strip lights?

Ans: LED strip lights are a linear array of LED chips equipped with a strong magnetic backing and an aluminum extrusion lighting fixture. The magnetic backing on linear strips and other components assure a strong adherence to metal surfaces. Owing to increased luminous efficiency and high-power surface mounted LEDs, these easy-to-install LED strip lights kits are used in high brightness task lighting as well as accent and backlighting applications.

Que 2. – Areas where magnetic strip light kits are used

Ans: Magnetic LED strip lights are ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor applications. As the strip is long, flexible, and can be cut at any point between LEDs, it can be used in various installations. Aside from traditional lighting, strip lighting is extensively used in lighted clothing or DIY projects. The easy-to-operate strip light kit is a great choice for use in storage units, restrooms, stairwell environments, and more.

Que 3. – Why use LED strip lights over LED tubes?

Ans: Unlike LED tubes, strips can be easily installed. One can cut the strip every few inches, irrespective of the space available. These are available in varieties of thickness; they can be installed in cramped up spaces and be easily hidden from public view.

Que 4. – Are magnetic LED strip lights dimmable?

Ans: Yes, virtually all the LED strips are upgraded to dimmable. By adding a dimmer option, one can easily adjust the brightness of LED strips or control the mood of a space and easily switch between task lighting and accent lighting. This helps increase the longevity of LEDs.

Que 5. – What is the lifespan of LED strip lights?

Ans: Most of the strip lights come with a rated life of up to 50,000 hours. If you are running LEDs for 12 hours a day, then they will last for several years. This is approximately several times larger than a typical halogen, incandescent, CFL, and many more.

Que 6. – How many LED strip lights can run using a single power supply?

Ans: It is possible to connect a maximum number of strip lights without exceeding the maximum load on the power supply. It is recommended to leave a gap of 10% between the maximum wattage of the power supply and the total wattage of your tape to preserve the lifespan of LED strip lights.

Que 7. – Can LED strip lights be powered using a power pack?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to power LED strips using a power pack or 12v battery.

Que 8. – Do LED strip lights need to be water-resistant?

Ans: It entirely depends on where you’re going to install them. You can get waterproof and non-waterproof LED strips. The waterproof LED strip light is tightly sealed within a silicon tube. So, they can be installed in wet or humid locations. They run on low voltage power, which minimizes electrical hazards.

All the above-mentioned aspects maybe some of the questions you may have about magnetic strips. There are several reasons for you to opt for magnetic LED strip lights such as minimizing voltage or energy usage, enhancing your area’s value and improving light quality. Whatever the reason, if you are ready to get your own magnetic LED strip lights then make sure you must get it done from an industry-leading LED lighting manufacturer and service provider. E2 Lighting USA is committed to delivering desired outcomes for a demanding sustainable world. If you have any questions about magnetic LED strip lighting, their team of experts can help you out with the same.