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Marine LED Lighting

LED lighting, for all the obvious reasons has gained popularity over the years across sectors, and the marine industry is no exception to it. LEDs for particular sectors such as marine are designed to be robust and can withstand extreme climatic conditions. When we think of the marine industry, the first thing that strikes us is harsh weather conditions such as storms, splashing of saltwater through high tides and long waves, extreme humidity, and so on. So, LED lighting for the marine industry has to suit all these tough criteria. E2 Lighting USA has a variety of LED lighting solutions for the marine industry. We offer solutions that last long and fetch the best value for investment.

Types of LED Lighting for Marine Offered by E2Lighting USA

LED lighting for the marine sector is designed to withstand all the tough conditions including submergence in water, corrosion and heat resistance, vibration resistance, and so on. Here are some of our products widely used in the marine sector:

Vapor proof fixtures: These fixtures are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum that resists moisture, dust, humidity, and so on. Vapor proof fixtures are available in 18 or 36 watts. These are free from mercury and have a wide working temperature range of –4ºF- +122ºF. These LED slim tri-proof lights are perfect for the harsh environment in the marine industry.

Shoe box parking lights: Equipped with high-quality UL driver, they are suitable all weather conditions. They are available in dark bronze polyester powder finish and other architectural colors. These lights are available in 80/100/150/200/300 wattages. They are free of mercury and offer dimming compatibility. Their lifespan is about 50,000 hours.

Flood lights: These are typically used on walkways. These lights have a unique fin type heat sinker which helps improve heat dissipation. Flood lights are bright and powerful, yet cool and we offer them in 120 watts. They are free of mercury and have a polycarbonate lens. These lights are almost unbreakable and low on maintenance. They are resistant to moisture and extreme heat or cold.

Beneficial Features of Our LED Lighting for the Marine Industry

It is a known fact that LEDs help reduce energy consumption and are environmentally friendly. Our marine LED lighting solutions offer several benefits apart from energy efficiency. Here are some of them:
  • Dimming capabilities: Dimming according to your requirement helps reduce energy consumption and adjust the color and temperature according to the weather conditions and other factors. Our LED lighting products such as flood lights have a wide adjustable temperature and color range.
  • Resistance: These light fixtures are resistant to gusts of wind, saltwater, storms, rain, snow, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and so on. These characteristics make them perfect for the marine industry.
  • Low on maintenance: Our LED lights are durable and have a long operational life. They come with a warranty and are low on maintenance.
  • Dampness resistance: The UL rating for our products assures their quality. These lights offer excellent resistance to moisture and can withstand the the marine environments. Additionally, they also offer vibration resistance to absorb shocks by waves and storms.


E2 Lighting warrants that its LED lighting solutions remain free from any sort of manufacturing defects for a period of five (5) years with effect from the date of delivery to the end user. This warranty covers defects arising due to materials and workmanship such as light output, color stability, fixture finish, and driver performance. To know more about the warranty terms, please visit www.e2lightingusa.com.

Certifications and Standards

All our LED lighting solutions for marine applications meet the required certifications and standards. They are:

  • UL and ETL Classified/Recognized
  • Energy Star Certified
  • California’s Title 24 Certified
  • RoHS Compliant
  • DLC Premium Listed