E2 Lighting Inc.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Both well-lit streets and energy-efficient lighting are crucial in today’s world, whether you stay in a developed or a developing country. Outdoor lighting is essential not just on streets but also in gardens, institute/organization/residence premises, playgrounds, highways, and many such outdoor areas. They increase the safety quotient as well visibility when traveling at night. There are a variety of lighting systems required in such areas; for instance, flood lights in stadiums or playgrounds, LED lamps with occupancy sensors near residential premises, vapor proof lighting and fixtures in wet areas, wall packs outside buildings or on streets, retrofit kits, high bay lights, and so on. E2 Lighting USA can cater to all your outdoor lighting use whether it is for residential use, industrial setups, or government projects that focus on energy-efficient lighting systems. Our high-quality LED light systems not only save you costs and energy bills but are a fit your exact requirement. We offer a wide range of each of these lighting systems in terms of wattage, pattern, and energy consumption. Our products are RoHS compliant and UL listed, and we offer the best prices on bulk purchases. Most of them are certified by Design Lights Consortium® (DLC) and ENERGY STAR®, making them eligible for utility rebate programs. We can ship and deliver products in one to three days, within the US.