Pointers to Consider When Selecting Right Lighting for Office Spaces

Pointers to Consider When Selecting Right Lighting for Office Spaces

Planning a layout of an office requires more than just rearranging tasks. The furnishing, floor plans and layout, and so on require attention as well. However, one of the most obvious and significant elements – lighting is often missed by most employers. Lighting plays a key role in everyday work life. The quality of lighting in the workplace can make a significant difference. With adequate lighting, employees can concentrate on their work, which can lead to increased productivity. Due to poor lighting, employees may face issues like strained eyes, headaches, stress, and fatigue. Too much lighting can also lead to safety and health problems such as headaches, glare, and stress. Thus, proper and adequate lighting is a necessity at the workplace to not only increase the overall productivity but for promoting the good health of employees. This post discusses key elements to consider when selecting perfect lighting in the office.

Different Aspects to Consider When Aiming for Adequate Lighting at Workplaces

Whether you are sitting in front of a desktop or conducting a client call in the conference room, it is always a good idea to use the right lighting to improve productivity and reduce eye strain. Now, what factors need to consider while selecting lighting for work environments? Here are some key elements:

  • Install Overhead Light Fixtures: Some lightings can cast a shadow. This not only ruins the workplace ambience but decreases work efficiency too. In such cases, the overhead light fixture works well. Popularly known as ceiling lighting, this type of lighting offers top-level lighting without casting shadows and illuminates a fixed radius area below. It is important to note that using too many overhead lights may produce shadows.
  • Install Energy-Efficient Lights: Having a well-lit workplace does not involve an astronomically high priced lighting solution. However, lighting should be energy efficient and in fact, must help save energy. Choose energy-efficient lights, for instance, LED lights that consume less energy and considerably cut down the overall maintenance cost. The benefits of LED lighting are not only limited to energy efficiency, performance, and long-term saving but also have a long operational life. As per several surveys, installing high-quality LED lighting not only creates a healthy work environment but also increases employee productivity.
  • Avoid Using Very Dim or Harsh Lights: Dim lighting makes it difficult for our eyes to focus, causes headaches, and also hampers the productivity of employees. On the other hand, extremely harsh lights can also trigger migraine headaches, strain the eyes, and at times cause a binding effect. Thus, it is important to choose the right color and temperature of the light based on the available size and functional requirements of the space. Generally, orange or warmer yellow lights are better for a relaxing area, while white or cool blue lights are good for working areas.
  • Consider the Intensity of Light: The intensity of light is one of the essential aspects to consider. A workplace has a different ambience. For instance, some sections deal with computer screens and projectors, while others are concerned with documentation. Therefore, there is no single type of lighting that can lit the entire area appropriately.
  • Make Use of Natural Lights: Improved moods and increased productivity are major benefits offered by natural lightings. If there is a chance to access window space, make the most out of it. This will not only save on lighting costs but add more daylight to the office environment. Various research documents mention that exposure to natural light keeps the circadian rhythm in check, regulates hormones, and helps employees work with increased productivity, and sleep well at night.

Thus, spending energy, time, and money on the workplace lights seems difficult, but it may reap a substantial return in the long run. Are you in search of a certified and recognized manufacturer and supplier who will provide the right type of lighting for your workplace? If yes, then E2 Lighting USA is a one-stop-solution for you. With vast industry experience and expertise, the company offers indoor and outdoor energy-efficient lighting solutions at attractive prices. Their lighting solutions are UL and ETL classified and RoHS compliant.