Reasons to Invest in LED Troffer Lighting: Part 1

Reasons to Invest in LED Troffer Lighting: Part 1

An LED troffer light, which is a rectangular or square light fixture, is gaining in popularity and is largely replacing fluorescent fixtures in drop ceilings. The lighting that sits in a modular dropped ceiling grid assures uniform illumination when used in classrooms, offices, hospitals, and other workplaces. These high-performing and low-cost lighting options are available in varied sizes offering better lumen output with less wattage. Available in parabolic or indirect lighting options, LED troffer lighting allows for easy mounting in multiple ways depending on the users’ requirements. If you are new to this terminology or looking out to know more of its benefits, then you will find this post extremely beneficial.

Benefits of LED Troffer Lighting

The cost of lighting to illuminate a large commercial space will be extremely high if you don’t invest in smart items available in the market. LED troffer lighting, on the other hand, is a versatile, long-lasting LED drop ceiling light fixture that emits glare-free, uniform light to large areas. What else makes this lighting option a perfect replacement to fluorescent troffers? Read the below points:

  1. Energy-Efficiency: Being the most energy-efficient technology around, LED incorporated troffer lighting solutions contribute to huge savings on your electricity bill. By switching to this lighting source, you can save a substantial amount of money without sacrificing the light output. On average, an LED troffer lights consume 3 times less energy than fluorescent tubes and 10 times less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  2. Life Span: Most commercial or office space requires lighting that must be functional continuously throughout the day and night. Although an LED troffer lighting is put to use continuously, it lasts for several years with optimum performance. Compared to fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs, LED troffer lighting lasts longer (approximately 50,000 to 100,000 hours).
  3. Lighting Performance: Over fluorescent light fixtures, LED troffer lighting offers better lighting performance. Availability in a wide range of CCTs (Correlated Color Temperature), these lighting solutions offer flexibility to users when it comes to illuminating their indoor spaces. It also features high CRI (Color Rendering Index), thereby allowing the occupants to have clear visibility.
  4. Variety of Options: Traditional fluorescent lighting is available in limited options. However, when it comes to LED troffers, they are available in endless options including varied sizes different styles with prismatic lenses, and several heights, among others. There are LED troffer lighting available with RGB-W (mix of red, green, blue, and white).

Thus, with several of these advantages, LED troffer lighting have swept the traditional lighting marketplace. With lower maintenance requirements and several other benefits aforelisted, they blend seamlessly into any ceiling.

So far we have discussed what a LED troffer lighting is and its notable benefits over several other lighting sources. There are several more advantages associated with LED troffer lighting that user must know before making a purchasing decision. Stay tuned for the next post to know more!