Retail Store LED Lightings

Retail Store LED Lighting

Any business such as a retail store where there is a lot of traffic for at least 15 to 16 hours in a day should have a proper, uniform lighting system. Incandescent lighting is a strict no-no as it consumes a huge amount of energy and releases excess heat. Over the years, LEDs are being widely used on commercial and domestic levels and the retail sector is no exception. Nowadays, retail store LED lighting is as much meant for aesthetics, as it is for visibility. Aside from this, it should be soothing, cost-effective and consume less power. It should also help elevate the moods of workers and buyers. LED lighting has become a popular lighting option owing to the benefits such as energy savings and retrofitting. E2 Lighting USA has a variety of LED lighting for retail stores. We offer retail store LED lighting solutions that last long and fetch the best value for investment.

Types of Retail Store LED Lighting Solutions Offered by E2Lighting USA

Lighting solutions are an important part of the design of a retail store or a mall. We provide indoor LED fixtures and lighting solutions to make your retail stores well-lit and to deliver an enjoyable shopping experience to your customers. Here are some of our products widely used in the retail sector:

LED Wall Packs

These lights are typically used for outer areas of stores and parking lots. At E2 Lighting, we make these wall packs with integrated motion sensors and emergency battery. They are available in various wattages and light outputs. They are free of mercury and do not cause a humming sound. These lights have an operational life of about 50,000 hours.

Strip linear fixtures

These are perfect for aisle lighting across retail stores. They are of 64 watts and offer dimming compatibility. These fixtures are lightweight, easy to install, and are designed to distribute light evenly. They are cost effective and long lasting.

Panel lights

We make them in both dimming and non-dimming options. They come with a wide range of color and temperature adjustments. They can be surface mounted or easily installed in tiled ceilings. They have an operational life of about 50,000 hours and come in wattages of 32, 50, and 60.

Tunable troffers

These slim fixtures are based on the idea of green energy. They offer high-quality illumination, and yet are visually comforting. These troffers come in the wattages of 24w/36w (2×2) 24w/36w/42w/50w (2X4).

Beneficial Features of Our LED Lighting for Retail Stores

We all know that LEDs are beneficial as they consume less energy and are environmentally friendly. Our LED lighting solutions have many other benefits apart from energy efficiency. Here are some of them:

Adjustable displays: You can dim or brighten the luminosity depending upon your preference. Also, this function is automated through occupancy sensors in some of our lighting systems. All our LED lighting for retail store have a wide adjustable temperature, as well as color range.

Comfort: They are soothing and calm for your eyes. In a retail store, you can adjust the luminosity to be bright enough for customers to read any product information comfortably.

Low on maintenance: Our retail store LED lighting solutions are long lasting and come with a warranty. They require minimal or no attention and do not have any repair and maintenance costs.

Retains freshness: In case of food items, LEDs help retain the freshness of packaged food for a long time and prevent contamination.

Getting Retail LED Lighting Rebates

Our retail store LED lighting solutions are recognized by many utility programs across the US. Please click here to know further details regarding the eligibility of your chosen product for a rebate.

Applications of LED Lighting Solutions in the Retail Sector

E2 Lighting’s LED lighting for retail stores finds these application areas:

  • Retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Parking lots and entrances
  • Above store shelves and across aisles
  • Billing counters
  • Corridors and washrooms
  • Grocery stores
  • Brand outlets


E2 Lighting warrants that its LED lighting solutions remain free from any sort of manufacturing defects for a period of five (5) years with effect from the date of delivery to the end user. This warranty covers defects arising due to materials and workmanship such as light output, color stability, fixture finish, and driver performance. To know more about the warranty terms, please visit

Certifications and Standards

All our LED lighting solutions for retail applications meet the required certifications and standards. They are:

  • UL and ETL
  • Classified/Recognized
  • Energy Star Certified
  • California’s Title 24
  • Certified
  • RoHS Compliant
  • DLC Premium Listed