Save 90% On Energy Costs: A Simple LED Retrofit Solution

The average commercial facility spends over $1.50 per square foot each year on electricity costs related to lighting alone. For a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, that equals a staggering $30,000 annually! Most of that energy consumption stems from outdated fluorescent tube systems that waste up to 80% of their energy, outputting heat instead of visible light.

But there is an easy solution to slash your facility’s lighting bills by up to 90% – a magnetic LED strip retrofit kit.

What is a Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit?

A magnetic LED retrofit kit provides a plug-and-play system to transform existing fluorescent fixtures into energy-efficient LED lighting. Instead of undergoing costly rewiring and custom LED fixture installations, magnetic retrofit kits allow you to simply open up your existing lighting housing and attach the new magnetic LED tube system in minutes per fixture with no electrician required.

Retrofit Options With Emergency Backup Batteries

Many magnetic LED retrofit kits offer built-in batteries to keep critical lights running during a power failure. Models like the Magnetic LED Strip Retrofit Kit with emergency battery provide over 90 minutes of backup lighting from integrated batteries. This ensures important pathways, exits, and work areas remain illuminated for safe evacuation and coordination. Make sure to explore the E2 Lighting website for a wide range of options.

Unbeatable Energy Savings

By ditching power-hungry fluorescent tubes for sleek, long-lasting LED retrofit systems that consume far fewer watts per square foot, facilities can realize exponential electric bill savings. LED tube lights fitted with magnetic end caps use up to 60-80% less electricity to output the same light level as traditional tubes.

When converting a 10,000-square-foot facility from fluorescent to magnetic LED retrofits, you can expect around:

  • $7,000 in annual energy savings
  • At least $3,000 back in utility rebates and tax incentives
  • Less than two year total payback period

Ideal Applications for Magnetic LED Retrofit Kits

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Garages
  • Gymnasiums
  • Retail shops
  • Office ceilings

Final Words

The numbers speak for themselves – magnetic LED retrofit kits offer an easy, affordable way to transform outdated lighting that saves thousands in operating expenses. Ditch the headaches of entire fixture replacements or complex rewiring. In under 10 minutes per fixture, start seeing the benefits of efficient, long-lasting, and quality LED illumination. For more details, connect with experts at E2 Lighting. Call us for a custom quote to start saving today!