What Are The Advantages Of Commercial LED Lighting?

What Are The Advantages Of Commercial LED Lighting?

Having the correct amount of luminosity and brightness in a warehouse or factory is very important. Industrial spaces differ from each other in terms of their business, operations, functions, area, internal arrangement, and so on. With the narrow aisles, huge spaces and high ceilings, especially in warehouses, there may be certain dark or dimly lit areas. So, it is vital to ensure that effective lighting solutions are implemented and there are no dark areas inside. This increases the safety quotient of the area. Various types of LED lights are used for a variety of indoor and outdoor commercial lighting applications. These lights consume less energy and have a longer operational lifespan than traditional lighting. They are steady-state and tiny lights, which means they do not have recycling or breaking issues. Would to like to know what beneficial features commercial LED lighting offers? Read the post to know more.

Quantifiable Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED lighting has gained popularity because these lights are more efficient than the traditional incandescent lights. They might be a bit expensive; however, they save cost and energy in the long run. They are the ideal choice that ensures return on the investment (ROI). Is that all? No, these are some quantifiable benefits of Commercial LED lighting systems:

  1. Unmatched Control: Certain types of commercial LED lighting offers you better control over the lighting environment, and it can be easily integrated with intelligent controls such as motion sensors and can be remotely operated. This helps regulate the intensity of light as required in each area and helps save power when not required. Brightness adjustment, occupancy sensors, daylighting, and smartphone optimization has immensely contributed to their popularity and made them ideal for various applications.
  2. Versatility: LED lighting can be used in many commercial areas such as garages, parking lots, office spaces, art galleries, pavements, and streets to maximize energy savings as well as luminosity. So, they are extremely versatile and can be adjusted according to the application area.
  3. Energy Efficiency: LED light consumes far lesser electricity than traditional bulbs and offers around 80% more energy-efficient lighting solutions. Thus, it is proven to be a highly energy-efficient lighting system.
  4. Durability: LEDs are constructed using durable materials such as plastic, so they are difficult to break. Most LED outdoor lighting solutions are designed to handle harsh weather conditions.
  5. Long Lifespan: LEDs are specially designed to operate up to 200,000 hours while offering much better light quality than incandescent lighting. If you are switching from traditional bulbs to commercial LED lighting means you’re on the right track. In short, it’s possible to save money while using a good-quality product.
  6. Safety: Traditional bulbs contain mercury, which means if they fail suddenly then a small amount of liquid mercury may spill out, which can be extremely toxic to human health. In contrast, LEDs are far less likely to experience sudden failure. They contain neither CO2 nor mercury. This makes them good for health, as well as the environment.

If you still have confusion regarding switching over to commercial LED lighting, you can consult the experts in this industry which include the leading manufacturers and suppliers of an LED lighting system. E2 Lighting USA is one such company, which offers indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems of various types and capacities. They have special products for business and warehouse lighting, low-bay lighting, high-bay lighting, wet location lighting, and so on. Their vast inventory of products includes LED flood lights, vapor proof fixtures, linear high bay lights, shoe box parking light, wall packs, panel lights and more.