Why Are Full Cutoff LED Wall Packs So Popular?

Why Are Full Cutoff LED Wall Packs So Popular?

Over the last few years, the demand for LED lighting systems has surged, and there are a variety of LED lights available in the market used for specific purposes or in certain areas. Wall pack LEDs are one among them that are gaining immense traction as they are one of the most durable, reliable, high-performance, and energy-efficient lighting solutions. These wall packs come in different styles and wattages with excellent beneficial features. Full cutoff LED wall packs Full cutoff LED wall packs are among the most commonly used types of LED wall packs. These lightings offer an angle to the wall pack and allow to focus on the specified area. Instead of concentrating on broad-spectrum illumination, full cutoff LED wall packs are well known for providing focused downward light distribution. What else accounts for their immense popularity? This post discusses the same in detail.

Benefits of Full Cutoff LED Wall Packs

Compared to conventional lightings, full cutoff LED wall packs offer several benefits. Here is a list of a few important ones that hugely contribute to their widespread usage in several commercial facilities, especially in alleys, parking lots, compound walls, walkways, corridors, and other areas that may be dark and need focused lighting with angle adjustment. Let’s take a look at them.

  • One of the major benefits of full cutoff LED wall packs is that they are energy-efficient, just like any other LED light. They consume less energy compared to their counterparts. In turn, this reduces overhead costs and saves money in the long run. Also, they minimize the emission of sulfur oxide, carbon dioxide, and several other gases to a large extent.
  • A polycarbonate lens and other important components are housed inside a die-cast aluminum housing, making them ideal even in harsh environments. Compared to HID wall packs, the rugged and durable full cutoff wall packs save more on energy bills. Also, they are capable of replacing metal halide luminaries of 100 and 175 watts at a much lower wattage.
  • Full cutoff LED wall packs produce bright white light, which is soothing and similar to natural light.
    Since this offers focused lighting and especially downwards, it helps avoid the external glare a driver may face while driving a vehicle. This is also good for pedestrians. Also, even if you install one in your compound, you can focus the light only in your premise without disturbing anyone in the neighborhood.
  • Full cutoff wall packs are much superior to their counterparts, especially in terms of safety, because they don’t produce or emit UV, heat, or mercury. With these lighting solutions, it is easy to keep areas cool and bright. Additionally, they have become the safest lighting solution for many outdoor applications. This is because their manufacturing does not involve materials, such as lead and mercury.
  • The average lifespan of these LED lights is much higher compared to other lighting technologies. This means, you don’t have to look for a replacement of these lighting systems at least a couple of years after the installation.
    Last but not least, full cutoff LED wall packs are easy to install and maintain. They come in a wide array of sizes and styles. Thus, one can easily select the appropriate solution for every setting. For a hassle-free installation, all you require is the right tools and expert guidance.

If you intend to install full cutoff LED wall packs for your building exteriors, it is important to consult an experienced manufacturer and supplier who has all the required certifications. E2 Lighting USA is one of the prominent manufacturers and distributors of LED outdoor lighting solutions. The manufacturer’s full cutoff LED wall packs are available in different styles, color temperatures, and lumen outputs to ensure uniform and bright light distribution. In addition, their full cutoff LED wall packs are environment-friendly, UL and ETL Classified, RoHS Compliant, and DLC Premium Listed.