Why Choose Motion Sensors with LED Lights?

Why Choose Motion Sensors with LED Lights?

Motion sensors are important devices used in security systems and they help achieve energy-efficient security. These motion sensors work on different technologies. Of these, Passive Infrared (PIR), microwave, and hybrid/dual tech are a few common technologies used in motion sensors. However, all these technologies require a source of light to be installed in the motion sensors. There are different types of light sources that can be used in motion sensors, however, to achieve energy efficiency, LEDs are used on a wide scale. Since there are different optical sources available in motion sensors, the superiority of LEDs over other sources should be acknowledged before buying motion sensors with LED lights. This post discusses why one should choose motion sensors with LED lights.

Motion Sensors with LED

LED motion sensors are used for the detection of any movement indoor or outdoor areas. These devices are used in security cameras, burglar alarms, etc to detect motion. Light is one of the essential factors in detecting motion. The LED motion sensors utilize light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as optical sources. The LED motion sensors are suitable for indoor and outdoor motion sensing. Also, they are popular due to the customizability of the LEDs and energy efficiency. The LED motion sensors can be used with microwave or PIR technology.

Let us discuss how LEDs contribute to the performance and efficiency of motion sensors.

Significance of LEDs in Motion Sensors

LEDs are an integral part of motion sensors because they allow a customizable detection range for both indoor and outdoor motion sensing. Let us discuss the contribution of LED motion sensors for indoor and outdoor applications.

Outdoor LED Motion Sensors: The purpose of using outdoor LED motion sensors is to detect the movements outside the property in dark. The LED motion sensors offer excellent benefits when it comes to detecting motion during the night. The LED fixtures equipped with motion sensors can be customized for automation. This helps in automating the LED flash as soon as any movement is detected. As the motion is detected by microwave or PIR technology, the LED fixture flashes at the location of movement. This helps in confirmation of motion as the cameras can capture an intruder’s image.

Also, the LED fixtures equipped with motion sensors can be customized for a range of detection, the intensity of the LED flash, standby time, and sensor sensitivity. The LED motion sensors are suitable for nighttime security as they can generate an LED flash of 5000K color temperature, and up to 40000 lumens at the consumption of 300 watts of power.

Indoor LED Motion Sensors: The indoor LED motion sensors are specifically used for reduction in energy consumption. The LED fixtures can be customized for automated ON/OFF functions. These indoor LED motion sensors take the motion changes as input to the LED fixture and then perform ON/OFF function based on automation settings. This makes these motion sensors ideal for floor lighting, corridors, hallways, driveways, etc. The lights can turn on/ turn off according to the motion detected. This helps in reducing energy consumption during times of no activity, also LEDs, in general, consume a limited amount of power, and therefore these sensors are highly energy efficient.

For indoor applications, the illumination of moderate intensity may be required, therefore the light fixtures can be adjusted for brightening or dimming. The indoor LED motion sensors can offer a nearly 80 feet detection range.

Now that the significance of LEDs in motion sensors is clear, it is certainly a good idea to purchase LED motion sensors. However, the quality of LEDs can impact the overall performance of the motion sensors. That is why you should source the LEDs and LED motion sensors from the trusted suppliers like E2 Lighting USA. The company offers high-quality LED fixtures and tunable motion sensors.