10 LED Halloween Decorating Ideas

10 LED Halloween Decorating Ideas

The Halloween is around, and it is time to think of innovative ideas to scare people. If you are going to promote something good such as being environmentally friendly, then you must go ahead with this innovative idea. How about using LEDs to promote this idea and at the same time enjoy your day? LEDs are nowadays widely used and much talked about lighting solutions. So, use them to spread light around you with some fantastic LED Halloween decoration ideas for this year. This post discusses the ways in which you can use them in this task.

10 Halloween Decoration Ideas Using LEDs

Here are some really nice LED Halloween decorating ideas:

  1. Use LEDs in RGB colors to create a scary ambience. For this, you can use some panel lights which offer dimming compatibility to a large extent.
  2. You can simply paste low wattage magnetic strip fixtures on metallic surfaces, wherein you can have color changing lights to support them.
  3. Wind wire stringers of LEDs with lights of different colors such as orange, purple, and red on window grills.
  4. Take used glass jars and paste them with colored papers, and light candles in them. In this case you can also place battery-operated LEDs in the jars. It is a good idea to paste ghostly images on these jars.
  5. You can also get artificial pumpkin, cut a hole on the rear side, and place it as a cover or a lamp shade on an LED light.
  6. Use LED tea lights in such a way that they look mysterious. Take a bunch of tissues, paint them in black, and stick them on a cardboard in a round shape. Place LED tea lights in between each of these circles.
  7. Use battery-operated LED spotlights in your garden spaces. You can hang them on trees.
  8. You can also use floodlights on the trees or ground of your garden. You can adjust them such that they point towards the home. This will create a horror look or will be a best way to recreate the scene from a horror movie!
  9. Use floodlights to highlight a skeleton or a scary cutout placed in your yard. You can also use floodlights to light up your Halloween cemetery. The floodlights when used creatively can lend a spooky look to the place.
  10. An easy and efficient way to control the luminosity of all the lights in the room is through Bluetooth Mesh, wherein all the devices can become Bluetooth hotspots. You can control it through your smartphone or tablet, and there is no need of Internet connectivity.

While you so want to enjoy your Halloween, you don’t want to feel your house is haunted. So make it fun as well, keep it light, especially if you have children at home. But using LEDs would really reduce your energy consumption by more than half compared to incandescent lighting, and there are many fun ways in which you can use it.

Did you like these ideas? Try and implement a couple of them for Halloween this year, on October 31, and see the reactions you get from your family and friends. Make sure you use it safely and source your LED lights from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. E2 Lighting USA is a renowned manufacturer of superior-quality and environmentally-friendly LED indoor as well as outdoor lighting solutions.