Considerations to Make When Choosing a Lighting Retrofit Part 1

Considerations to Make When Choosing a Lighting Retrofit Part 1

Have you ever confused when people say ‘I am retrofitting my facility’?  You might be hearing the term ‘retrofitting’ for the very first time, hence you might be wondering what’s the person is talking about. However, by retrofitting, the person simply means that he/she is going to add something new which was previously not in his/her facility. It can be a technology, a component, or an accessory upgrade. Retrofitting is as simple as that. When it comes to lighting retrofits, it means that the facility is undergoing a drastic change from replacing traditional lighting technology to advanced solutions. Today, when we say lighting retrofitting, it symbolizes the use of LED technology, as it is the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option of today’s age. Hence, when choosing a lighting retrofit, what are the important things to consider? Let us discuss this in detail in this post.

4 Key Considerations to Make When Upgrading your Facility with Lighting Retrofits

You just can’t simply start retrofitting your facility as soon as you made a decision. Yet, it must involve several planning considering several factors. Replacing the old lighting systems with new LED lighting retrofits is not a simple task but requires a close evaluation of the following factors.

  1. Goal of the Project: Why do you need an LED lighting retrofit? There should be a reason why you need to switch from the already existing lighting solution to a completely new one. Some people may opt lighting retrofit to make their facility more energy efficient whereas may do it to enhance the quality of lighting or cut down the ever-increasing maintenance costs. Spend some time to understand the actual goals of lighting retrofits before going further.
  2. Basic Requirements: Lighting requirements vary from facility to facility. For instance, a warehouse facility requires bright even light throughout the entire areas to prevent accidents or collision during material storing or moving. On the other hand, in a clothing store, there is the need for pinpoint lighting towards the display and not so much towards the aisle. Hence, consider the lighting requirements of your space stringently before starting with the retrofits.
  3. Layout of your Building: There might be some areas of your facility where there is enough natural light coming in from the windows. In such areas, you don’t relay need a complete retrofit but can make adjustments to the already existing lighting technology. While in some other cases, such as in storerooms or garages, you would need to go for a complete LED lighting retrofitting to enhance the quality of light and visibility.
  4. Future Upgrades: Most times, you may never think of this possibility. You never know how long the current lighting trend will persist. Although it may seem illogical to plan the retrofits considering future upgrades, it helps save you money in the long-term by meeting the current and future needs.

Lighting technology has come a very long way in the past few decades and people are largely preferring to retrofit the previously existing lighting technology with a new technique. LED lighting retrofits are thus widely chosen as it is known for improving the lighting output while emitting less heat and saving energy. So far, we have discussed a few amongst the several factors to consider before starting to upgrade your facility with lighting retrofits. Stay tuned for the next post to learn more.