How to Apply for an LED Lighting Rebate?

How to Apply for an LED Lighting Rebate?

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The increasing utilization of natural resources such as forests and fossil fuels for energy creation has made sustainability an important concern for governments across the world. In an attempt to reduce the dependence on natural resources, nowadays, many governments are encouraging users to adopt energy-efficient products. LED lights lead the list of energy-efficient products, and their use is being promoted through attractive incentives and lighting rebates. In the US, lighting rebates are offered by governments, manufacturers, and utility companies to businesses and individuals who replace traditional lighting sources with LED sources.  Now you may ask why only LED light bulbs are covered under lighting rebate and incentive programs, and not traditional lighting sources. This post focuses on this question as well as guides users to claim the benefits of lighting rebates.

Why Do LED Lights Earn You Rebates and Incentives?

Before proceeding with utility LED rebates, let’s understand how an LED investment makes you eligible for rebates and incentives.

  • Assured Energy Savings: Do you know most traditional lighting options such as incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lights put an immense load on the power grids and power lines? LED lights cut down the load by at least 50%, and help minimize carbon emissions.
  • Long Life Span: Most LED lights are designed to operate for 100,000 hours. This means they will serve up to 30 years without fail. This will allow users to reduce their carbon footprint, which they accumulate by using traditional lights. Also, this timeframe will help them reduce electric waste that goes into landfills.
  • Environment-Friendly: Unlike traditional light solutions, the LED lights have no UV or IR emissions, which makes them safe for users as well as the environment. Also, these lights have no mercury, which means they will cause no harm to soil or water when disposed off.

What Are the Different Types of Lighting Rebates Provided by Utility Companies?

The following are the different types of LED lighting rebates provided by utility companies:

  • Prescriptive Lighting Rebates: The lighting debates of this type are provided on the basis of certain pre-determined scenarios. Initially, the user has to make upfront investments, and the rebate is offered by the utility company on the basis of investments made. For instance, incentive or rebate is offered on replacing four fluorescent tube fixtures with an LED luminaire of X watts.
  • Custom Rebates: These rebates are offered for energy savings rather than LED lighting solutions.

How to Avail Utility LED Lighting Rebates?

LED lighting rebates are lucrative; however, they aren’t useful, if you cannot find them or avail them properly. This is how you can proceed.

  • The first step to avail this rebate is to contact your local utility company. Else, you can also visit the Energy Star website, which provides information on LED lighting products that are eligible for the rebate, along with the geographic areas. You need to add your zip code and select light bulbs from the list, and you can see LED incentives offered by utility companies, manufacturers, and local governments in your area. Alternately, you can also check on the Database for State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) website. The website is created by the U.S Department of Energy in collaboration with federal and state agencies. The site also elucidates on the type of rebates available, and also offers information on loan programs available for replacing your lighting systems.
  • The rebates are normally offered on new construction. Thus, many utility companies may conduct a pre-work audit. If the installation has already begun then you may not be eligible for the rebate. The utility company will also inform you of the type of rebates available.

The lighting rebates and incentives are designed to help you optimize your energy savings. They will help you replenish your LED investments as well as improve your payback time efficiently. E2 Lighting USA will help you understand the different rebates and incentives you are eligible for. You can contact them today for a consultation.

LED Rebate Catalog  LED Payback Calculator Request a Quote For LED Rebate