LED Tube Light vs LED Panel Light – Which is Better for Commercial Use?

LED Tube Light vs LED Panel Light – Which is Better for Commercial Use?

Nowadays, the demand for energy-efficient lighting solution has tremendously increased owing to their durability, long life span, cost-effectiveness, and more. Among several types of LED lighting products available today, LED tube light and LED panel light are the most popular and preferred choice for commercial use. These LED lighting solutions are designed to illuminate several industrial and commercial environments. Upgrading existing lighting solutions with these LED products is simple as well as an effective way to reduced overall energy consumption. But, what to prefer – LED tube lights to replace the fluorescent tubes in existing lighting fixtures or an LED panel light to replace the entire fixture? This post introduces you to LED tube lights and LED panel lights in detail.

What Are LED Tube Lights and Their Advantages?

LED tube lights have gained immense popularity in recent years. Owing to the beneficial features that they offer, these tubes have become a replacement for traditional fluorescent lamps. Unlike traditional lighting system, these tubes are lightweight making the installation process easier. Equipped with inbuilt energy battery pack, LED tube light assures approximately 60% brightness when there is no electricity. They feature built-in lithium batteries as well as an internally isolated LED driver for over-charging and over-discharging protection. These tubes consist of non-toxic gases, which helps reduce the dangerous effect on the environment. To meet the requirement of easy fitting onto existing lighting fixtures, these tubes are designed as a plug-and-play version. They are convenient to install without removing the existing ballasts. The following reasons prove why LED tube lights become ideal in home, industrial as well as commercial applications.

  • LED tube lights are eco-friendly and recyclable after their life span.
  • They are more energy-efficient and save electricity from 30 to 50%.
  • These tubes are designed with a focus on safety, energy efficiency, quality, and endurance.
  • They are known for producing a high brightness output while keeping very low heat output.
  • These tubes contain no mercury and do not produce UV/IR radiation.
  • There is no distortion light, which makes it a perfect choice for emergency lighting.
  • LED tube lights are utilized as linear replacement lamps, emergency lighting solutions for warehouses, industrial as well as commercial buildings, hotels, corridors, schools, apartment buildings, and more.

A Detailed Discussion on LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are popular in the modern community for illuminating industrial and commercial applications. They are available in two configurations – dimmable and non-dimmable LED lights. These LED lights are manufactured by combining powerful LEDs with light-smoothening and highly-efficient optics. They are available in a variety of color temperatures to create a beautifully lit environment that resembles natural light. They are designed for easy installation in tilled ceilings and also support suspension mounting as well as surface mounting. With a low Unified Glare Rating (abbreviated as UGR), LED panel lights to assure superior quality of soft and evenly distributed light while providing more than 50% lumens than traditional lighting systems. The following beneficial features of these lighting solutions have contributed to their popularity.

  • LED panel lights are designed to be flexible. As LED is a point-like light source, most LED lighting designers to utilize the combination of each point, lines, and design panel lights while keeping the client’s requirement in mind. These LED lights are available in a variety of lengths and shapes.
  • They are super thin, simple, and yet stylish.
  • These lights dissipate heat better than other lights.
  • LED panel lights are applied with superior quality reflective panels and sealed design. Thus, they deliver bright and uniform light.
  • They don’t produce any radiation and glare that can harm human eyes.
  • They are easy to control and dimmable with the help of a remote, smartphone or a mounted regulator.
  • This lighting system can adjust or change the color according to the natural light available and occupancy in the area.

Would you like to upgrade your existing lighting with an energy-efficient LED lighting system? If yes, then choose carefully in the variety of lighting options. Regardless of types of LED lighting, you intend to install, make sure you consult or employ an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting solutions. With vast years of industry experience, E2 Lighting USA offers LED tube lights and LED panel lights which are UL and DLC certified.