Reasons Why Shoe Box aParking Lights Are Popular

Reasons Why Shoe Box aParking Lights Are Popular

Over the years, the demand for energy-efficient LED lighting solutions has tremendously increased because of their r long life span, cost-effectiveness, durability, low power consumption, and many other beneficial features. There are different LED lighting solutions available today for specific purposes and areas such as indoor and outdoor, for focus, uniform distribution, and so on. Shoe box parking lights are one of those LED lighting system types which are used in parking lots, basements, and other dark areas. These lights are used to illuminate parking lots of any size. Upgrading old parking lighting solutions with shoe box parking lights is simple as well as an effective way to reduced overall energy consumption, and this is gaining traction in old buildings and complexes. They are becoming the fastest replacement for high-intensity discharge lamps. Is that all? Obviously not. Would you like to know more about shoe box parking lights? This post discusses the same.

A Short Introduction on Shoe Box Parking Lights

Shoe box parking lights are nowadays used for illuminating outdoor facilities areas such as streets, parking slots, sports fields and grounds, educational institutions, walkways, sidewalks, driveways, and much more. Unlike old parking lights where HID lamps and filaments are the sources, shoe box parking lights use LEDs as the source. The unmatched waterproof feature of the shoe box parking light makes them suitable for outdoor facilities. Also, they are easy to fix and operate.

Why Choose Shoe Box Parking Lights?

Shoe box parking lights offer a variety of benefits, which contributed to their immense popularity. So, let’s have a look at them.

  • As the name suggests, these lightings are the size of shoes, measuring from about 12 inches to 16 inches in a size. Despite their compact size, they can save up to 80 percent energy. This means they are more energy-efficient as compared to traditional parking lights. Also, they have this cool white light against the typical yellow incandescent lighting in old parking lots. Shoe box parking lights range from 40 to 300 watts. However, they can easily replace a 1,000 watts HID bulb. They can be adjusted to control any light direction for covering a large area when mounted at the right position.
  • The traditional parking lights are subjected to timely up-keeping as well as maintenance. Also, they have a low operational span. However, shoe box parking lights have a long operational life of up to 155,000 hours. This can reduce the overall maintenance costs and allow users to save a huge amount of money in the long run. This is one of the reasons why local governments prefer installing shoe box LED parking lights on streets and other public places. They also offer rebates to people and businesses who install them if they meet the required terms and conditions.
  • Parking lots are at times empty spaces. However, they get packed with vehicles parked during peak hours. If the area is inappropriately lit, then there are chances of sudden accidents or injuries. This is not the case with LED shoe box lighting as they offer bright white light uniformly to the entire space to ensure safety at all times.

Would you like to replace your existing parking lights with energy-efficient shoe box parking lights? If that sounds yes, make sure you consult or employ an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting solutions. With years of market presence, E2 Lighting USA offers shoe box parking lights aside from various other LED lighting solutions. These lighting solutions are certified by Design Lights Consortium (DLC) and ENERGY STAR, making them eligible for the utility rebate program.