Considerations to Make When Choosing a Lighting Retrofit Part 2

Considerations to Make When Choosing a Lighting Retrofit Part 2

Choosing to do a lighting retrofit not only enhances the quality of lighting and performance but also leads to energy efficiency. Unlike the past, people are largely opting for lighting retrofits in their facility and thus replacing traditional energy-consuming lighting technologies with the new energy-efficient alternative using LEDs.  However, you cannot just blindly retrofit your setting all of a sudden. Instead, you must do some planning and consider several things before actually starting the work. In the last post, we had listed a few amongst the several factors to consider before retrofitting the existing lighting technology. This post lists the rest of the important considerations.

More Considerations before Upgrading your Facility with Lighting Retrofits

If you are looking to upgrade your light fixtures or lamps with new LED lighting technology, consider the following, other than the ones listed in the last post, to get it right.

  1. Color Rendering: Colour Rendering Index (CRI) determines how objects under the lighting look like. The higher the CRI, the color of the objects inside the room looks more natural, and vice-versa. Hence, determining the value of CRI is extremely important to get the right result. Keeping the CRI on a higher side is beneficial when retrofiring laboratory, academic, or research settings.
  2. Color Temperature: The color temperature of LED lighting ranges between 2700K (kelvin) and 4000K. You can opt for the preferred lighting temperature after analyzing the requirements of your room. For example, choose light retrofitting with color temperature 2700K, which offers the warmest yellow light, if you wish to set the mood for bedrooms, hotel lobbies, and so on. On the other hand, opt for 3500K for soft white light or 4100K bulbs for cool white color and 6000K LED bulbs to bring in a daylight effect.
  3. Budget: Replacing the current lighting system with something energy efficient like LED lighting requires you to spend a good amount of money. Hence, you must have a good understanding on the initial purchase and installation costs and must have a calculation about how much you can afford to spend. However, always remember that LED lighting retrofit, although it requires you to spend money initially, will surely bring you to substantiate energy and maintenance cost savings later on.
  4. Whom to Partner With: It is always advisable to outsource your facility’s lighting retrofitting projects to those who are experienced in the field. Value the expertise of such companies as they give you expert guidance right from the beginning throughout the retrofitting project sticking to your budget and avoiding costly disruptions.

There are several reasons for you to opt for a lighting retrofit. Reducing energy usage, enhancing your building value, increasing light quality or “going green” might be some of the reasons. Whatever are the reasons, you must get the lighting retrofits done from leading LED Lighting service provider like E2 Lighting USA. Companies like E2 Lighting USA is committed to deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding new sustainable world.