E2-Solar Flood Light 6000lm

E2-Solar Flood Light 6000lm

Spec Sheet: E2-Solar Flood Light
Wattage:  30W
Total Light Output: 30W with incredible output of 6000LM

continuous work 2-3 rainy day in intelligent mode


The E2 Lighting  Premium LED Solar Flood Light is the ideal LED solution well-suited for distributing light in parking lots,
streets and areas with no access to power line. Adjustable installation angles from – 4~+ 140° F with adjustable-fitter mount (other mounts
available). Premium grade 200LM/W solar flood light with deep cycle battery that can charge and discharge over 2000 times. Get reliable, long-lasting lighting for your outdoor spaces with this eco-friendly and affordable solution.

High Efficacy Solar Flood light

  • E2 LED Solar Flood Light features all in one design function, low profile design.
  • Power range: from 20W(4000lm) and 30W (6000)
  •  Single side monocrystalline solar panel. Suitable for remote region, no-electric supply zone;
  •  Deep cycle battery, charge and discharge over 2000 times;
  • Continuously work 2-3 rainy days in intelligent mode;
  • Die-casting aluminum housing, anti-corrosion coating;
  • Easy battery replacement design;
  • Ultra-high light efficiency, 10 watts equivalent to 20 watts of others at least;
  • Accurate optical road lighting designs, adapt to various conditions with no waste of light. ULOR=0%, no up-light pollution;
  • Optical systems maintain an IP65 rating.


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