Smart Control System 12V PIR Sensor Outdoor

Smart Control System 12V PIR Sensor Outdoor

Data Sheet:  Smart  Control Outdoor PIR Sensor Spec

Item: TL-JK-BPRN-MF-12-02

-Bluetooth linear PIR sensor daylight harvesting/IP65 -waterproof
-12V AUX /0-10V output single-channel
-Jack connector twist lock
-Radio Frequency: 2.4 GHz ±75 MHz
-Temperature: -40°F~+158°F(-40°C ~+70°C)


Bluetooth Low Energy

Outdoor fixture smart PIR & daylight sensor
• Easy installation Jack Connector (12V AUX)
• Smart PIR BLE sensor
• Wireless Grouping and Zoning
• Occupancy sensing/daylight harvesting
• Individual luminaire addressability
• Group/ scene control
• Luminaire level lighting control (LLLC)
• DLC 5.1 ,NLC 5.0 (networked lighting control)
• Cybersecurity service met UL MCV 1376
mesh network?

Mesh Network

A mesh network is a kind of network in which all mesh nodes cooperate in the distribution of data. Each node passes the information to another node until it has reached its destination. A mesh network is due to redundant nodes the most secure version of a network. In our case IoT devices are equipped with a Bluetooth chip. They connect to each other and as a result build a Bluetooth mesh network which is especially relevant in areas where Internet or Wi-Fi is not available.


The best out of two worlds.


Every device becomes a Bluetooth hotspot. All modern smartphones and tablets supporting Bluetooth LE.

Smartphone control

Control Bluetooth network with an easy to use smartphone application.


We take security very seriously. All connections are AES 128 encrypted and meet the latest security requirements.

Mesh network

Mesh network is very reliable and failsafe due to its structure. It also allows to expand radio range by simply adding new devices.

 Easy Setup


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